Why boosters plays ADC

“ADC in season 10 lul”. This statement is pretty common, some people say ADC are weak because they have low stats, and they can be solo’ed for any tank, assassin or even, support, yes Nautilus, I’m talking about you. But let’s answer the question. If this role is so bad, why are there some boosters that still plays on it to climb elo?

First, what makes ADC a role hard to play? The support diff. is the main reason. If they have a main support playing with, for example, Leona or Zyra, aggresive supports, or just any support, and you have an autofilled that literally does not know how to play the game, then the bot lane is set. Most likely, doesn’t matter if you are one of the best ADC’s, if your support can’t do anything and their does, the lane will be defined by it. So, why are they playing ADC? Because even with that, ADC is the best role in late game, they are champions with a lot of damage just for their builds (critic builds) and how they scale.

Boosters will know how to win a lane and they will also know if they can’t win the lane, so they will just play around mid game or late game, or, directly just avoid fighting until they get an item or their power spike. They know how to kite, how to survive, how to fight and when to fight to avoid feeding and trying to avoid how their support are pretty useless. But if both supports are useless then the individual skills can change the lane just by one play by themselves. Vayne players or boosters, Kai’sa, Kalista, Caitlyn, they all have a lot of skills to overcome the circumstances.

In a teamfight, an adc with good positioning can make a huge difference, knowing when to flash or to heal. Boosters are professional players that will know almost every tactic on the game. Of their role at least, in this case, ADC. They can share their stats with anyone who wants to buy a boosting service, making the account they boost looks like their main, with amazing stats, win rate and honor from teammates. A booster playing ADC can make the difference from a random or a low diamond or low platinum player smurfing.

Boosters will always perform and will try to win doesn’t matter if they have no support or jungler, they can manage to do a 1 v 2 sometimes or just pentakill in a teamfight, outplaying everyone, kiting, calling, scaling.

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