What’s the best role to carry games in League of Legends 2024

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

In League of Legends, one of the most critical decisions you’ll face before every match is choosing your role. The game has evolved and changed dramatically over the years, and the current meta in 2024 is no different. The question often arises: ‘What’s the best role to carry games in 2024?’ While it can vary based on numerous factors, including your personal skill set, playstyle, and the champions you play, certain roles traditionally offer a higher influence over the game’s outcome.

Top lane:

The Top Lane, because it is at the top of the map and far from where most of the fights take place at the beginning of the game, tends to be a more farm-based route (killing minions to accumulate gold and better items). For this reason, the champions most suitable for top are the ones with a lot of sustain .

  1. Farming and Lane Control: Top laners must effectively farm minions to gain gold and experience. They also need to control their lane, trying to push when advantageous and freeze when beneficial. The goal is often to outfarm and outlevel your lane opponent.
  2. Map Awareness: Being in the top lane, you’re often isolated from the rest of the map, making you a potential target for enemy jungler ganks. Therefore, maintaining good map awareness, warding key areas, and understanding when you might be ganked is essential.
  3. Trading and Duelling: The top lane is often filled with bruisers and tanks, champions that excel in one-on-one fights. Knowing how and when to engage your opponent in trades is a key part of winning the lane.
  4. Teleport Plays: Top laners often take the Teleport summoner spell, allowing them to influence the map despite being in a distant lane. Knowing when to Teleport, whether it’s to help another lane, join a team fight, or secure an objective, is a key skill for top laners.
  5. Split Pushing: Top laners are often champions that are good at taking down towers and surviving alone, making them ideal for split pushing. If done correctly, split pushing can create immense pressure on the enemy team and lead to significant advantages.

Mid lane:

The Mid lane is one of the most important roles in the game, because it is in the middle of the map and close to the other two lanes and to the global objectives, Drake and Baron.

There are generally two types of champions: AP Carries and Assassins. There are a lot of players that choose to play mid lane because of the role potential to carry the games, you will see a lot of high elo players playing in low elo while elo boosting accounts choosing this role.

  1. Farming: Just like other lanes, farming is crucial for mid laners. Efficiently last-hitting minions ensures you have the gold to purchase items and increase your power level.
  2. Lane Pressure: Keeping pressure on your lane opponent can provide your team with multiple advantages. By pushing the wave into the enemy tower, you can potentially deny your enemy farm and keep them occupied so they cannot assist their team.
  3. Map Awareness and Control: Being in the middle of the map, the mid laner needs to have excellent map awareness. This means constantly checking the minimap, watching out for the enemy jungler, and controlling vision in the river to avoid ganks.
  4. Roaming: Mid laners often have the opportunity to roam to either the top or bottom lane to help secure kills. By doing this, you can help get your other lanes ahead.
  5. Objective Control: Mid laners can have a significant influence over objective control because of their central location. They can quickly move to help secure or contest Dragon, Rift Herald, or Baron Nashor.


Support is any champion who can be useful to the team without needing a lot of gold. They are usually champions with many crowd-control skills, healing champions or who can buff allies – increased damage, attack speed, etc. Some examples of supports are: Tresh, Sona, Lulu, Nami, Alistar and Taric.

  1. Protect and Assist the ADC: The primary responsibility of the Support is to help the ADC farm in the early game, protect them from enemy threats, and assist them in securing kills. This often involves crowd control abilities, healing, or shielding.
  2. Vision Control: Supports are crucial for maintaining vision control on the map. They are primarily responsible for purchasing and placing wards, which provide vision of key areas on the map, and removing enemy wards with sweepers or control wards.
  3. Peeling: Peeling is the act of protecting your vulnerable teammates from enemy threats. As a Support, you should use your abilities to disrupt enemies who are trying to attack your ADC or other key damage dealers on your team.
  4. Initiating Team Fights: Some Support champions are designed to initiate team fights. They have abilities that allow them to engage the enemy team and start fights on advantageous terms.
  5. Roaming: Once the ADC is relatively safe, a Support may roam to other lanes to help them. This can result in surprise attacks or ganks that can swing the momentum of other lanes in your team’s favor.

Ad Carry:

AD Carry is one of the most important roles in the game, but it is also the weakest and most focused during team fights. They are usually champions with attack range, have to build expensive items and have as their primary responsibility to deal the most damage possible to enemys while stay at the backline. Some examples of ADCs are: Vayne, Caitlyn, Graves and Tristanna.

In addition to killing and causing damage, the ADC has another essential responsibility: farming. Knowing how to position yourself is vital, as it prevents you from being focused by enemies and allows you to continue to cause damage during fights.

  1. Farming: As an ADC, your primary goal early in the game is to farm efficiently. This means last-hitting minions to gain gold, which will allow you to buy items and increase your damage output.
  2. Positioning: Proper positioning is crucial for an ADC. You should generally be behind your team’s front line and out of immediate danger, but close enough to attack the enemy team. Good positioning can be the difference between winning and losing a team fight.
  3. Dealing Damage: Your main job in team fights is to deal as much damage as possible. This often involves targeting the closest and most immediate threats, as safely reaching the enemy backline may not be possible.
  4. Objective Control: ADCs are typically the main damage source against objectives like towers, dragons, and Baron Nashor. It’s important to help your team secure these objectives when possible.
  5. Map Awareness: While you will often be laning with a support early in the game, it’s still important to have good map awareness. You need to keep an eye on the minimap and be aware of where the enemy team is, especially the enemy jungler.


Last but not least, we have the jungler. Your job is to farm minions through out the jungle and help your laners to win their lanes, in this role such as Mid lane you will see a lot of players choosing this role to be able to get advantage in the game for the win, most high elo players tend to pick Mid or Jungler to carry the games. Jungler is also an awesome role to play while you duo that way you can win all drakes and buffs while your duo destroys his lane.

  1. Clearing the Jungle: Junglers gain experience and gold by killing neutral monsters in the jungle. Efficient jungle clearing is important to keep up with the pace of the game.
  2. Ganking Lanes: One of the primary roles of a jungler is to assist lanes by ‘ganking’ them — surprising enemy champions with the aim of getting a kill or forcing them to retreat. Good ganks can help your team gain an advantage in their lanes.
  3. Controlling Objectives: Junglers play a crucial role in securing important map objectives such as Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. Timing and smite control are key skills for this task.
  4. Vision Control and Denial: Junglers should provide vision for their team by warding key areas in the jungle and denying vision to the enemy team by clearing their wards.
  5. Counter-Jungling: This involves invading the enemy jungle to steal their monsters and deny them

In conclusion, choosing the best role to carry games in League of Legends in 2024 truly depends on a multitude of factors including personal skill, champion mastery, and understanding of the current meta. Whether you’re wielding the high map impact of a mid-laner or jungler, the strategic pressure of a top laner, the damage potential of an ADC, or the influential utility of a support, every role has its unique strengths and can significantly impact the game when played effectively.

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