Aurelion Sol Rework Was a Complete Failure?

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

The celestial dragon, aged as old as time itself, has received a revamp from Riot Games after being neglected for four years without any updates. League of Legends players have a lot to share about Aurelion Sol’s recent rework.

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On League’s subreddit, players have voiced their opinions that the rework may have been a complete failure. A post was made in which players pointed out how the champion’s playstyle remains unchanged, but now has access to items that make him tankier and infinite scaling capabilities, including Crown of the Shattered Queen.

One player mentioned, “Despite suffering from the same problematic play pattern, his kit now comes with high AP scalings and infinite scaling, making him even tankier than before.”

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Aurelion Sol still follows the strategy of clearing waves as soon as possible and then heading to either the bottom or top lane to ambush the enemy who has ventured too far.

However, some players assert that the champion is not a failure, but just overpowered, making it nearly impossible to lose a team battle if you have Aurelion Sol on your team, owing to his formidable scaling numbers and effortless-to-hit spells with huge hitboxes.

Despite differing opinions, others still view the rework as a triumph, as it noticeably boosted the champion’s play rate statistics, with its pick rate soaring from a mere 0.5 percent to nearly 20 percent in Patch 13.3, according to the League statistics website U.GG.

Given that the rework was only launched a day ago, it’s still challenging to determine the overall state of Aurelion Sol. Nevertheless, the champion appears to be overpowered and in need of a quick nerf fix or two.

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