Leblanc is getting new ability mechanics in Patch 13.5

League of Legends Patch 13.5 will feature a substantial buff to LeBlanc, with one of her abilities incorporating a new mechanic when the update is released.

On February 25th, Riot’s TheTruexy tweeted about the changes to LeBlanc’s buffs on the PBE servers. The update claims that her Q will refund 100% mana and 30% remaining cooldown if it eliminates a target. The same effects will apply to her ultimate if she copies her Q and eliminates an enemy.

In addition, LeBlanc’s Q sigil will inflict 10-146 bonus damage on minions.

This is a significant modification to LeBlanc’s kit, providing her with more endurance and potential for team fighting in games. However, it remains to be seen whether this change will result in more frequent use of the champion on the Rift. “Is it that practical? Go find out,” wrote TheTruexy.

LeBlanc is not the only champion receiving buffs in League’s Patch 13.5. A variety of top laners, such as Aatrox and Kennen, will also receive upgrades, as will Fizz, Jinx, and Samira.

It is not surprising that Riot developers have decided to give LeBlanc such a significant gameplay update, as the champion is currently struggling. According to League stat site U.GG, she has a devastating 46.91 percent win rate in Platinum+ ranks worldwide, the second-lowest in these rankings.

Patch 13.5 for League of Legends is set to be released on Wednesday, March 8th.

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