League of Legends Players Express Frustration with Riot’s Seasonal Chat System Changes

League of Legends Season 13 has brought about a slew of changes, from a revamped ping system, reintroduced and new items, champion reworks, and balancing tweaks in every patch. Generally speaking, Riot’s changes have been positive.

Among these changes is the addition of party chat in Patch 13.4. This new feature allows players to communicate with their premade party members within the game. The chat console displays the channels that will receive messages on the left side of the chat bar, and players can toggle between them with commands or the tab key. While players can change the active channel in their settings, party chat is the default for new players.

Despite the appeal of direct communication with premades, many League players are not pleased with the feature. The primary issue is the hotkeys and their difficulty. Several disgruntled players have complained on Reddit that switching between channels is cumbersome, and private messages are being sent to the wrong channels after the update.

Other players are unhappy with the lack of color coding, as it makes it challenging to differentiate between channels during gameplay. Some players suggest that a universal color coding system would be helpful, such as blue chat for /ally and red chat for /all chats.

While party chat is an excellent addition for those who want to chat exclusively with their premade League parties, some improvements are necessary to make the feature more user-friendly and less frustrating for players. Riot has yet to respond to players’ complaints.

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