You can get a sleek “new era” for your Vandal, Spectre, and more with VALORANT’s Ion 2.0 package.

The reports of a new Ion package coming to VALORANT on October 18 are real; the bundle will reintroduce a fan-favorite skin collection and apply it to brand-new weapons, each of which will have its own unique variations to mark the beginning of Episode 5: Act 3.

NEW "Ion 2.0" Skin Bundle in Valorant - YouTube

Riot Games has officially announced the Ion 2.0 package (also known as the Ion 2022 bundle) with a “New Era” teaser that showcases the new Ion-themed Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit Melee skins. The original Ion skin pack included Operator, Phantom, Bucky, Sheriff, and Melee skins.

The Ion 2022 set will include not only new skins for various weapons, but also color variants for each skin. For the Vandal, Ares, Spectre, or Frenzy, players have the option of sticking with the classic white with blue accent, or going with one of three other color schemes in blue, green, or yellow.

Valorant Ion 2.0 Leaked Skin Bundle – Price, Release Date, Details - Pro  Game Guides

As for the new bundle’s pricing, players may anticipate it to be offered as a Premium weapon skin bundle for 7,100 VALORANT points, or around $70, similar to the previous Ion bundle. We recommend adding a gun buddy, player card, and spray to the Ion 2022 package.

In the future, Ion will join the ranks of other legendary skin lines like Prime, RGX 11z Pro, Glitchpop, and Reaver, all of which have gotten many bundles for a single collection. Launching on October 18 accompanying the debut of Act Three of Episode 5 will be new controller agent Harbor, whose name is Ion 2022.

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