Where should I get elo boost?

Everything you should know about elo boosting and where to buy it

As we can see, there are many websites out there or eBay offers of people who offer elo boost, but this decision should, the decision of trusting anyone your account credentials and your time, should be considered properly, which means take care of many factors that are, in fact, simple, just need to have them in consideration, some things to check are:

How skilled are the boosters

Some services don’t have a quality filter as they should, even allowing diamond players (even low diamond), diamond players are, of course, better than the average, but they don’t usually can boost without issues, because they are not as good as a Master player. Websites like eloboostleague only hire Master players or higher, those players can ensure winning in almost every elo without any problem. The boosters will get paid for every boost they complete, because it is a job, and as a job, only the best players will be able to offer the service, the attitude is something important, flame is something not acceptable, neither trolling or scripting, every booster hired will offer the best service possible and if not, actions will be taken. Respecting customer’s request like extra champions or offline mode is something the boosters will always do.

Your account is safe

Yes, your account is totally safe. Boosters are professionals and will always respect your privacy, only logging in when the boost is on going. Also, customers accounts (on the website) are deleted after a while, with the account credentials written too, that means the boosters will have no access to the account credentials anymore, rising even more your privacy and security. The boosters will always use Offline mode, which is in fact, the Friendlist offline, so no one can see you, even if someone is playing at that moment, and will always use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make sure the account is connected from your country, making even harder any kind of sanction. There are many tools to keep accounts as safe as possible, and websites like eloboostleague have achieved to use them properly.

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Can I play with boosters instead of giving my account?

Yes you can! The duo boost is a serious thing, it is the same somehow because you will climb and win anyways, but this time you will be playing with the booster, and with this you can also improve.

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