Team Deathmatch is coming to VALORANT

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Riot Games has announced that a new game mode, Team Deathmatch, will be coming to their popular first-person shooter, VALORANT. This mode, which is common in other shooter titles such as Call of Duty and Doom, pits teams against each other to achieve the most kills in a single match.

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In the latest dev diaries video, VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon stated that players can expect to see this new mode in the game later this year, but no further details were given. However, it is likely that the objective of the game mode will be solely focused on kills, as opposed to other objectives such as planting the Spike, which is a main objective in VALORANT’s current game modes.

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The dev diary video also mentioned other upcoming features for VALORANT, including a new agent and the beta-tested Swiftplay mode. Team Deathmatch is a game mode that has been popularized by many other shooter titles, and its introduction to VALORANT is sure to provide players with a new and exciting way to play the game.

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