How to improve on VALORANT?

Practice. That’s it? That’s everything? Yes, mostly. Well, this is, of course, a tricky question, since “Improving” it’s not just one thing, getting better as a player on VALORANT means that you need to be better on everything. If you are a good player at aiming but you are terrible at macro, you’ll be rushed every single time. Vice versa, you can know where to go and how to execute your plan, but you will not be able to do it because you can’t land a shot to a stationary target.

So, the question remains, what should we do in these situations? Well, improve, but how? It depends on what you want to improve first, you need, of course, to improve everything, but let’s do it by parts, in this case, we’ll suggest a few things for aiming and macro.

For aiming, well, you need to aim better, that’s for sure, a basic advice but very useful is always aim to your teammates head, that will make you get use to aim to the head, keep the crosshair on the head! But we know that this isn’t enough, so we’ll recommend Aim Lab, it’s a free game with plenty of exercises to improve your aim, your reflexes and your reaction time. You can find a lot of routines on YouTube! We can’t recommend any specific routine, since there are too many! You can try to find one that suits to what you want. But of course! You need to make sure that you are training at your level, as a beginner you can’t try to make professional level training worth it, at least, not for now! Start from the start.

For macro, first, you need to develop Game Sense, but what is it? It’s basically knowing what the enemies will do and what you should do to contest what are they doing, like chess, but without chess, since chess is completely balanced, VALORANT is not that case, for good! It can be done by many ways, the first is thinking. Thinking about what you are doing and why, if you are, for example, rushing B and in 13 times it went wrong, try another approach, new tactics, maybe more camp, rotations, etc., an easy example of game sense is something as easy as pressing tab, they have 5000+ money? Then they are probably saving for Operator and want to pick the weaker side with one single shot. Those are stuffs you can point out and watch on professionals, can be a bit difficult, of course, but try to use more your mind than your hands if you need it!

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